Dym Sohin dym
  • Berlin, Germany
  • https://dym.sh
  • Web/App/Ui Designer/Developer

  • Joined on 2023-06-18

Personal source code system of Dym Sohin, a Web/App/Ui Designer/Developer

categories of projects i create and maintain

  • /apps — apps and web-apps
  • /config — settings, config files, scripts
  • /scripts — small helper-script, mostly in shell/bash/zsh
  • /styles — themes, usersyles, and templates, mostly in css and html
  • /tools — tools and web-tools, mostly to get, transform, and view data
  • /vis — creative coding, data-/visualization, and generative arts
  • /ui — ui+ux and all the other kinds of human-computer interfaces
  • /web — websites and webpages (the data-display kind)

and also

  • @dym — my personal stuff and some repos which did not fit into any other categories
  • /source-garden — source code of this very website
  • /forks — git-clones of other people's projects
  • /mirrors — git-clones of other people's projects