changes file-extension based on mime-type
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changes file-extension based on mime-type


  • removes *?|^:"<> characters from the file-name
  • reducing multiple spaces, dots, and underscores
  • adds rename-date suffix to ensure uniquness of the filename
  • strips exec-flag from non-executive types (usual leftover from FAT/NTFS)
  • optimizes images while at it (shows reduction size in kb and %)


  1. look at install file for instructions
  2. adjust PREFIX at wish
  3. make sure the final directory is on $PATH


rename-ext /Data/Pictures/_unsorted/**/*

to only change extension and nothing else:

rename-ext --only-ext /Data/Photos/2020/*

to only print a report:

rename-ext --test-run /Data/Docs/_dump/*



  • find better determination tool for application/octet-stream
  • leverage fd to do recursive paralel execution if some of parameters are folders


Q: why not just rename files to hashes of their contents, and store original filenames in some database?

A: good point. that database is in my case a filesystem itself.